Day 5

Thursday 17 September 2020

A quick visit to the supermarket for some supplies and off we go to tackle the northern coast in a marvelous calm sea.
As we cross again the Klima village, Thierry gets the chance to take some more photos . Then, time for a joyful rockgarden slalom and cave visiting between Kerdari and Kabanes caps. Yves get the chance to spot a sea turtle, while on our way to Mandrakia village, a most picturesque seaside hamlet, where we stop for photos and a midday snack and beer. Next stop is the world famous Sarakiniko area, with its caves and small fjords. The rusted remains of a sunken half submerged boat lie nearby. As we arrive at the Glaronissia islets, we admire the square dark coloured basaltic rock formations, in stark contrast with the smooth white rocks of Sarakiniko which we just visited.
We then, through Kalogeros cap, reach again Pollonia harbor in order to get the remainder of our supplies left in Fanis’ car. It is, almost to the hour, four days since our start. While at the beach, two persons come towards us to say hello. One of them is Rod Feldtmann, the owner of Sea Kayak Milos. We are thrilled to finally meet him!! We then finally make the crossing to Kimolos island and we finish this day watching the marvelous sunset at a beach close to Necropolis, a sunken antique city. Ac quick check at the weather data reveals that the wind will again pick up tomorrow but Saturday will be navigable nevertheless.
5th STEP

17.00 nm

Or 31.50 KM of navigation covered today

60.79 nm

Or 112.61 KM of navigation covered from the start
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