Day 4

Wednesday 16 September 2020

Even before starting, we already know this is going to be a difficult day with a facing strong northern wind and a rough sea.
We cross the first cap and enter the following bay to catch a breath. We are going to repeat this strategy three more times, as the wind keeps picking up… Everyone is tense, especially around caps, where the sea waves become irregular. Thierry even manages the take some marvelous photos. Milos’ west coast reminds us of Corsica and finally rewards us with a superb small cove for a small break, just before tackling the Vani, the NW cap, in order to reach the relative calm of Adamas bay.
We then stop at the picturesque Ag. Demetrios church for a rest and some nice photos. Our next visit is the Syrmata coastal hamlets with their colourful facades. At Klima, a well needed visit to the local tavern at the seafront helps us end this demanding day. We set up camp at a beach not far from the Adamas port, with a calm sea, for the first time so far.
4th STEP

14.35 nm

Or 26.58 KM of navigation covered today

43.79 nm

Or 81.11 KM of navigation covered from the start
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