Day 3

Tuesday 15 September 2020

A late wakeup and start for today. Catabatic winds between the hills force us to keep alert…

The scenery gets better and better, thanks to the nerby volcano just above the south coastline. The deep caves often house bats or falcons. There follows an industrial scenery with cranes and a loading facility for minerals.

And then, time to enter the Kleftiko bay : a turquoise lagoon with majestic caves and sea passages… a sight not to be missed…

The wind seems to calm down a bit and we decide to cross the SW cap and finally face the strong northern winds . After a stop at the impressive Sykia open air cave we finally make it to the Agios Ioannis beach.

Our journey is rewarded by a majestic sunset as we prepare our tents and meal. A tasty meal and a well needed sleep follow.

3rd STEP

14.68 nm

Or 27.19 KM of navigation covered today

29.44 nm

Or 54.53 KM of navigation covered from the start
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