Day 7

Saturday 19 September 2020

At 02.30 in the morning, the skies open upon us and we are quickly soaked to the bone.

It calmed down a bit and then suddenly stopped in the morning hours, so we have at least the luxury of a calm breakfast and the opportunity to pack our wet stuff.

Our journey along the north coast of Polyaigos starts with a calm sea. We soon enter a large open air cave and the granite rocks soon take a reddish hue.

The majestic Maskoula lighthouse is next but then we are soon encountering a strong facing wind, a heavy torrential rain and lightnings with visibility down to a few decades of meters. We have to get closer to the cliffs in order to avoid further mishaps .

After a long while, the rain finally stops… From cap to cap, we keep moving on, until we reach a small rocky beach for our midday lunch.

As soon as we open our food cans, some goats make their appearance to satisfy their curiosity.

With still no sight of seals, we finally arrive at Manolis beach where a really luxurious sailing boat is berthed.

We then make the return crossing again to Kimolos in the rain, meeting en route the ferry we saw last night at our camping place and a big sea turtle.

We reach again Pollonia harbor at 15.30 . Time to get a rewarding beer and let the rain pass. Then, we have to empty the kayaks and load them in Fanis jeep. A search for a room to spend the night and take a hot bath is in order.

The northern wind is picking up once more, we are already feeling it… time to sleep.

7th STEP

13.50 nm

Or 25.00 km of navigation covered today

89.85 nm

Or 166.41 km of navigation covered from the start

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