Back home & epilogue

In Athens, we quickly find a convenient hotel room close to Acropolis, while Fanis gets at last home. But not for very long, as we have to meet George K. and his lovely wife Yuri at 18.30 at Thissio and spend a pleasant evening with them at the foot of Acropolis.

Kayaking in Greece is excellent, doing so with greek friends is marvelous!!!!

We spend the next morning visiting the Antiquities and the Plaka touristic area. And, then, time to take the metro line to the airport and reach Marseilles.

Looking back, it was a great success. Climatic conditions were conform to the forecasts as the Aegean Sea is quite often windy, but not above our skill level.

A marvelous experience made possible by each one of us facing the Mother Nature and our dreams as well.

We really hoped to meet some monk seals, especially on the two less touristic islands. Even knowing that this is aleatory, we were a bit let down but we will keep on searching!!

Turtles and falcons were abundant, though, as well as many other bird species that Yves easily recognized. We shall have fond memories of this expedition in the Island of Venus.

Thierry’s photos and Eric’s site help you take part in this experience!

Pierre and Fanis are already making plans for expedition #5 somewhere in the Mediterranean!!!!!!! So, keep coming back!!!!!!

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